How To Teach recent apple failures Like A Pro

Apple's 15 worst flops of all time
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Apple’s 15 most exceedingly awful flounders ever, from AirPower to Bendgate to the Newton

ast week, Apple accomplished something it seldom ever does: the organization dropped an effectively reported task. In particular, Air Power, a remote charging cushion that would control up the iPhone, Apple Watch and Air Pods at the same time. Following year and a half, not a solitary Air Power gadget at any point saw the light of day.

The unforeseen demise of Air Power is an extraordinary event for apple failures which so cautiously sustains its picture as a fastened organization: the organization once in a while pronounces an item so far ahead of time, and it significantly more once in a while openly drops an undertaking before it ships.

The Air Power stumble particularly stands out among Apple’s hit procession throughout the most recent 20 years. From iTunes, iMovie and FaceTime to the iPod, the iPhone, the Apple Watch and the MacBook Air, Apple has reliably taken off incredible applications and gadgets for a very long while.

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